Best Edible Insects: A Crunchy Guide to Bug Bites!

Edible Insects

In recent years, we’ve been witnessing a growing interest in alternative protein sources, and edible insects have been crawling their way to the top of the sustainable food chain.

Chomping down on bugs might make some of us squirm, but many cultures around the globe have been doing it for ages because of insects’ nutritional benefits and low environmental impact. They’re packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals, making them a nutritious addition to any diet.

We’ve come to realize that not all critters are created equal when it comes to taste and texture. Some are nutty and crunchy, others are plump and savory, making them a versatile ingredient that complements a variety of dishes.

Whether we’re sprinkling them onto salads, baking them into cookies, or frying them as a snack, we’ve found that it’s not just about the insect itself, but how they’re prepared and seasoned.

Now, before we start bug-snacking, there are a few things we’ve learned to consider.

Sustainability and sourcing are top of the list: where are these critters coming from? Are they farmed with minimal environmental impact?

Next, we consider the flavor profile and texture since some might prefer the slight sweetness of a mopane worm over the earthy taste of a cricket.

And let’s not forget the processing method – freeze-dried, roasted, or ground into powder – as it greatly affects the final crunch.

Top Edible Insects to Crunch On!

We all love a good crunch, don’t we? Well, it turns out that the most satisfying crunch may just come from the insect world – and no, we’re not bugging you!

Our carefully curated list below will guide you through the best edible insects on the market. Whether you’re a seasoned bug eater or looking to dip your toes (or maybe just your taste buds) into entomophagy, we’ve got the goodies to turn your snacking game on its antenna. Prepare to give your friends something to chirp about at your next get-together!

Erbies Crunch Mix

If you’re keen on tickling your taste buds with a crunchy, eco-friendly snack, then Erbies’ mix of seasoned edible insects might just be your bag of bugs.


  • Tantalizingly seasoned for a snack that surpasses expectations
  • Packed full of protein, minerals, and vitamins
  • Sourced from GAP-certified farms ensuring quality and safety


  • Some find the idea of eating insects a hurdle too high to jump
  • Smaller bag size may leave snackers longing for more
  • Fragility of contents may result in a less-than-appetizing bag of bug bits

Munching on Erbies Crunch Mix felt like stepping into a fearless new world of snacking. We weren’t sure what to expect from a bag full of crickets and worms, but the seasoned, savory flavor was a revelation—way moreish!

We’ve got to admit, the initial heebie-jeebies of chomping on insects gave way rather quickly upon realizing how guilt-free this crunchy delight was. Less impact on the planet and more protein per bite had us feeling pretty righteous.

Still, as we reached the bottom of the bag, our enthusiasm was dampened by the sight of crushed critters. The unassuming size of the package had us daydreaming about super-sized servings. Despite these qualms, sharing Erbies Crunch Mix became the highlight of our day—nothing bonds a group quite like collective daredevil dining!

Don Bugito’s Choco-Crickets

If you’re aiming to tickle your taste buds with a sustainable twist, Don Bugito’s Choco-Crickets are your go-to snack.


  • High in protein and fiber, an excellent healthy snack
  • The bittersweet dark chocolate is a delectable pairing
  • Planet-friendly snack that supports a sustainable diet


  • Chocolate lovers might crave a stronger crunch factor
  • It’s a leap for the less adventurous eaters
  • One might expect more crickets for a fuller experience

After munching on a few of these dark chocolate-dipped delights, we’re ready to report back. The initial hesitation melts away just as fast as the chocolate does on your tongue. As a snack that packs a punch with both nutrition and unique flavor, we’re on board with these sustainable bites.

Unwrapping the package brought on a mix of excitement and curiosity. Hand-dipped in bittersweet dark chocolate and sprinkled with just the right amount of sea salt, it’s an intriguing harmony of flavors. The smooth chocolate coating makes it a sweet experience with a nice, subtle crunch.

Although indulging in these treats makes for an intriguing story at parties, some of us anticipated a bit more crunch, akin to a traditional chocolate bar with nuts. We also noticed that the chocolate tends to overshadow the actual crickets, which may be ideal for some but a letdown for others craving a real insect encounter. Overall, the experience is pleasantly surprising, making us feel like gourmet adventurers, all while contributing to a more sustainable future.

Insect Delight Sampler

If you’re up for a crunchy adventure and have an open mind (and mouth), we reckon this sampler pack could be the talk of your next get-together.


  • A unique assortment that’s bound to challenge even the most adventurous snackers.
  • It’s a fun, quirky gift that’ll definitely get some gasps and giggles.
  • All bugs are prepared and packaged to be safe for human consumption.


  • The texture and flavor might not be to everyone’s liking.
  • Seasoning could be less exotic than the insects themselves.
  • Packaging issues have been reported, which could dampen the experience.

Ever felt the urge to snack like a bird in a field? Well, we’ve flapped our wings into the realm of edible insects, thanks to the NEWPORT JERKY COMPANY’s variety pack. Picture this: grasshoppers, crickets, and silk worms – they aren’t just for the critters anymore.

Last weekend, we took these critter snacks to a shindig. You should’ve seen the faces! Most of our pals mustered the courage for a nibble or two. The consensus? Surprisingly nutty and a whole lot less scary than you’d think.

As the resident daredevils, we munched on these crunchy critters and discovered that, while they might not replace popcorn at movie night, they do spark conversation. Let’s be real though, they’re more of an acquired taste—think peanuts meet cardboard.

In the spirit of culinary exploration, we say give ’em a go. These babies will either make you the life of the party or have you reaching for the nearest beverage. Either way, it’s an experience that’ll stick with you (and maybe in your teeth too).

Tasty Ant Munchies

If you’re itching to tickle your taste buds with something exotic, we’ve just crunched into Thailand Unique Black Ants and the experience is, well, intriguing.


  • Packed with protein—these little critters are a nutritional goldmine.
  • Certified conversation-starter; sprinkle on dishes at your next dinner party for instant buzz.
  • Responsibly sourced with a clean and safe preparation method.


  • The taste can be a turn-off if tangy, acidic flavors aren’t your jam.
  • Only available in a 5-gram bag, limiting the feast to a nibble.
  • At a 2.5-star rating, not everyone’s convinced about joining the bug-eating club.

Ants. Not the picnic-ruining kind, but the zesty flavor boost we never knew we needed! Our culinary exploration led us to Thailand Unique Black Ants and, let’s just say, they’re nothing like the ones you shoo away from your sandwich.

Right off the bat, we noticed the care put into their harvest and preparation. Their clean, dehydrated form is perfect for sprinkling over a salad to add a bit of zest, and talk about a protein punch—these ants pack it in spades!

But let’s not sugarcoat it; the pungent, acidic taste of these black ants can startle the unadventurous palate. It’s an acquired taste, much like fancy wine or that stinky cheese your friends either adore or despise. Plus, they only come in a mini, travel-sized bag. We reckon you’ll crusade through the contents before your tastebuds can fully decide whether they’re horrified or hooked!

Hotlix Edible Insects Adventure

We reckon you’ll get a kick out of this quirky bug banquet if you’re up for a munch with a crunch.


  • A fun mix of flavors that’ll challenge your taste buds
  • Chocolate-dipped sweets for the faint-hearted
  • Perfect for themed parties to break the ice


  • Might be a tad too exotic for some palates
  • A bit pricey for the quantity of critters you get
  • Texture might not be everyone’s cup of tea

Sampling Hotlix’s Edible Insects Sampler Pack was like starring in our own episode of a wilderness survival show—right from the comfort of our kitchen. We faced the challenge head-on, kicking off with the Crick-ettes.

The bacon and cheese flavor was quite the surprise; imagine our usual salty snack, just with an extra little… leg.

Moving on to the Larvets—seasoned with BBQ flavors, offered a smoky taste that had us feeling like intrepid explorers at a backyard cookout. It’s the kind of snack you’d pass around the campfire, watching friends’ faces contort with trepidation and intrigue.

To wrap up the bug-fest, we braved the Chocolate Dipped Insects. Why not end on a sweet note, right?

The rich, velvety chocolate did wonders to soften the psychological blow of eating something that once crawled. It’s a sensory mash-up: part candy treat, part biology class.

For the ultimate conversation starter or to put your own squeamishness to the test, this trio of treats certainly brings the ‘eek’ to unique eats!

Buying Guide

When we’re in the market for some crunchy critters, there are a couple of factors to consider. Let’s munch through the basics.

Quality and Freshness

We wouldn’t pick through wilted lettuce at the supermarket, would we? Quality and freshness for bugs are no different. Look for products that are:

  • Packaged properly: Sealed to maintain crispiness.
  • Labeled with a clear expiry date: Nobody likes stale mealworms, trust us.

Variety and Flavor

Some like it spicy, and some just don’t. Here’s a quick breakdown of edible insect flavors:

Insect TypeTypical Flavor
CricketsNutty (Think almonds, not crazy)
MealwormsGrainy, earthy
GrasshoppersLeafy with a hint of smug
AntsZingy with a vinegar kick

Nutritional Content

We’re all about that protein, but let’s not forget vitamins and minerals. Essential factors include:

  • Protein level: For our muscles, because who doesn’t want to be buff?
  • Fiber: For… well, you know.
  • Vitamins/Minerals: Because we insects and humans alike need a well-rounded diet.

Production and Sourcing

We care about where our snacks come from. Ensure you’re looking at:

  • Sustainably farmed: Let’s keep our planet as happy as our bellies.
  • No added nasties: If we can’t pronounce it, we probably don’t want it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Diving straight into the weird and wonderful world of edible insects, let’s tackle the questions on everyone’s lips (hopefully not literally) when it comes to chowing down on some six-legged snacks.

Which creepy-crawlies can I snack on without doubling over in disgust?

We know what you’re thinking – “Eat bugs without squirming? Impossible!” But hear us out. Roasted crickets are crunchy and nutty, a bit like popcorn, if popcorn had legs. Mealworms, when cooked, offer a pleasant, earthy flavor reminiscent of roasted nuts. Dare to try them; you’ll be surprised at how not-terrible they are.

Where can I score some gourmet grubs and classy caterpillars?

On the hunt for high-class creepy-crawlies? Check out specialty online stores that deliver an array of exotic edible insects. Farmers’ markets and health food stores are also catching onto the trend. Look for chocolate-covered ants, honey-roasted crickets, or spiced mealworms to tantalize your taste buds in style.

Looking to beef up your biceps? Which bugs pack the best protein punch?

If protein is your game, then chapulines (grasshoppers) are your best bet. These leaping gym buffs can offer up to 20 grams of protein per serving. Get ready to flex those muscles after a snack of silkworm pupae or buffalo worms, both of which are also stacked with protein.

What are the top-tasting insects that won’t make my taste buds stage a protest?

We’ve all got that friend who swears by bacon-flavored anything. Well, roasted crickets might just be their new favorite. They have a smoky, bacon-like taste that could win over even the pickiest eaters. Chocolate-coated ants are another crowd-pleaser; who doesn’t love chocolate with a little crunch?

In the bug buffet, which delicacies are a strict no-fly zone for my fork?

It’s wise to steer clear of brightly colored caterpillars and any insects that secrete liquids. These could be nature’s stop signs saying, “Do not eat!” Always source your insect delicacies from reputable suppliers to avoid any potentially toxic or allergenic critters.

Fancy farming your own feast of six-legged snacks? Which bugs should you breed?

If you’ve got a green thumb for bug farming, start with house crickets. They’re low maintenance and reproduce like, well, bunnies.

Black soldier fly larvae are another fabulous option. They’re not fussy eaters themselves and will fatten up nicely for your future snacking endeavors.

Just remember, neighbors may not be thrilled about your new farm, so don’t send out the invites to your “garden” party just yet.

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