New Orleans Absinthe Bars

1. Old Absinthe House

The Old Absinthe House, nestled in New Orleans' French Quarter, has a legacy that captures the city's spirited history. Founded in the early 19th century, this bar has witnessed significant moments, from negotiations during the War of 1812 between Jean Lafitte and Andrew Jackson to becoming a hub for absinthe enthusiasts.

Known for introducing the Absinthe Frappé in 1874, the Old Absinthe House became a sanctuary for diverse characters, including Oscar Wilde, Mark Twain, and General Robert E. Lee. Despite challenges such as the prohibition era, the establishment has demonstrated remarkable resilience.

Reopened and continuing to serve absinthe-based beverages, the Old Absinthe House is a living museum where patrons can experience history and enjoy unique absinthe cocktails prepared with traditional care.

Stepping through its doors, you embark on a journey through time, where every sip pays homage to the rebellious, revolutionary, and resilient spirit of New Orleans. The Old Absinthe House goes beyond serving drinks; it serves stories and memories, making it an essential experience that connects you to the heart and soul of the city.

The interior of the Old Absinthe House, showcasing its historic decor, wooden bar, and bottles of absinthe

2. The Sazerac Bar

The Sazerac Bar, named after the Sazerac cocktail, is a modern-day bastion of cocktail culture in the Roosevelt Hotel. The Sazerac, often called the world's first mixed drink, originated in the 1850s and embodies New Orleans' spirit.

The bar's ambiance blends nostalgia with luxury, featuring wood-paneled walls and murals by artist Paul Ninas. The impeccably uniformed bartenders ensure every cocktail is an exquisite construction, with the Sazerac as the star of the menu.

The Sazerac Bar has a rich history, including a time when the marble bar was solely for men until hotel manager Seymour Weiss permitted women to join. Today, it champions both tradition and progress.

Beyond the Sazerac, the bar serves a range of concoctions that speak to the creativity and refinement expected from a prestigious drinking establishment. Each offering invites you into a world of unparalleled flavors, meticulously crafted to elevate your experience.

The Sazerac Bar is a beacon for those who appreciate stories woven through time and seek to indulge in a moment of luxury. It encapsulates a blend of timeless appeal and contemporary sophistication, making it an essential visit for anyone looking to grasp the soul of New Orleans through its flavors and tales.

3. Pirate’s Alley Café

Pirate's Alley Café, tucked away in the streets of New Orleans, asserts its place with quiet confidence. This atmospheric café, straddling the line between the historical allure of Pirate's Alley and the buzzing French Quarter, presents a retreat steeped in lore and local flavor.

Absinthe flows freely here, and the café stands as a tribute to all things wonderfully unconventional. Offering absinthe in traditional and contemporary styles, the café disregards the common menu in favor of a personal touch. The baristas are like magicians, ready to bring your vision to life.

Beyond the lure of absinthe, Pirate's Alley Café enchants with tales spun in its foundation, whispers of pirates that walked these alleys. These tales add layers to your visit, making each sip of absinthe taste richer, every moment more pregnant with possibility.

The ambiance is eclectic, a melting pot of history seekers, romance chasers, and those in pursuit of a good story over a glass of storied liquor. Discovering this tiny establishment feels like uncovering a hidden gem amidst the boisterous pride of New Orleans.

Pirate's Alley Café invites you into a narrative woven over centuries, cherishes the value of conversations, and allows time to slow, inviting you to lean back and savor the moment. It's an immersion into the essence of a city known for blending the melancholic with the ecstatic into a beautiful mélange.

4. Jewel of the South

Jewel of the South, positioned at the edge of the French Quarter, harks back to an era where simplicity meant elegance and a drink was a craft. The cozy setting brings strangers closer, and the Jewel Sazerac reigns supreme—a drink that encapsulates the soul of New Orleans in each carefully curated sip.

The bar feels like a secret passed among friends, an enclave of sophistication that tempers the raucous joy of the French Quarter with its subdued charm. The expertise behind the bar is palpable; each concoction is brought to life, with the Jewel Sazerac serving as a testament to the establishment's dedication to preserving cocktail culture.

Jewel of the South is more than its flagship cocktail. It's a place that commands pause, inviting patrons to slow down and savor. The ambiance asks you to cast aside the rush of everyday life and immerse in the moment, whether that means relishing a perfectly crafted drink or engaging in hushed conversations.

Outdoor seating ensconced in greenery offers a serene spot to enjoy the balmy New Orleans weather, with lantern lights casting a soft glow. Each detail contributes to an experience that's as memorable as it is delightful.

A visit to Jewel of the South transcends mere drinking; it's an exploration of what has made taverns and bars central to cultural folklore. It's about community and solitude, history and innovation—all converging in a space that honors them equally.

5. Cure

Cure, nestled in Uptown New Orleans, breathes new life into a transformed firehouse, delivering an experience that transcends traditional bar expectations. This establishment stands as a testament to innovation within the absinthe realm, introducing curious spirits to a blend of classic and contemporary.

Entering Cure, one is met with an ambiance that balances the old with the new. The interior, a fusion of historical architecture and modern design elements, mirrors the inventive drink menu. High ceilings and open spaces invite conversation and contemplation, encouraging patrons to delve deeper into the art of drink appreciation.

The Fancy Sazerac, a standout among a roster of unique cocktails, is emblematic of Cure's ethos. This concoction elevates the Sazerac experience to new heights. Each sip is a journey through the past and present, a taste of history refined by modern mastery.

Cure's commitment to excellence extends to its hidden patio, offering an oasis of tranquility—an ideal setting for savoring the night's selections away from the bustle of city life. This outdoor haven serves as a reminder of the simple pleasures found in thoughtful design and sophisticated flavors.

What sets Cure apart is its role in cultivating a community of like-minded individuals. Patrons converge here in pursuit of something extraordinary, beyond the conventional bar experience. Engaging conversations spark over meticulously crafted drinks, forging connections in an atmosphere that respects tradition yet eagerly embraces the future.

A visit to Cure is an invitation to witness the evolution of cocktail culture, where each detail tells a story of passion and ingenuity. It represents a place where the legacy of New Orleans' cocktail heritage is celebrated and redefined, making it a pivotal destination for those seeking to indulge in the craftsmanship of modern mixology amidst the charm of an age-old city.

The interior of Cure bar, showcasing its modern design, high ceilings, and inviting atmosphere
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